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We're giving away BURST for every NEW burstcoin user!
Use this BURST Faucet to setup your account name and pool reward recipient.

This faucet runs on donations. If you'd like to help, please donate to

Current balance: 133 BURST
This faucet is funded by BurstCoin.RO community.
It is fair from you to join our pools or at least donate to this faucet.

BURST Faucelet

Use this Telegram bot and send hello text

Set my account


How to use the BurstCoin.RO Faucelet
1. Go to our discord server using this link
2. Say hello to people in #general-en channel.
3. Wait one block (~5-10 minutes ) and after the burst is in your account use this to subscribe ( set reward recipient )to one of the pools.
4. Enjoy the community you just joined. Feel free to ask for support on #general-en
5. Please check these sites: