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swap_horiz Transaction #11932075539431504879
Recipient BURST-T6EG-43V9-BWU4-648UB
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Block 17910820131055240568 / 623581
Type Arbitrary message
Message As a former customer of Poloniex you have experienced first hand the loss and inconvenience of BURST being delisted from an exchange. The BURST community is seeking to move forward and list BURST on a new exchange (i.e. This requires an initial fee of 2 BTC to be paid. We ask you to please consider making a small donation toward the cost of this new listing. Hopefully some good news and a new exchange will have a positive impact on the value of your BURST holdings. Further details are available here:- We thank you and appreciate any support you can provide. Please donate to the following account:- BURST-TSAB-8BXM-YN9A-AHJFB
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Timestamp 2019-05-22 19:57:55
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