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swap_horiz Transaction #13019365098540736722
Recipient BURST-DQ2T-F2F6-F9XG-9Q98V
Amount 0 Burst
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Fee 0.00735000 Burst
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Block 7908611874281626998 / 653344
Type Arbitrary message
Message This is a community call to all node operators with outdated BRS software. Please strengthen the current BURST network and update to the newest version 2.4.2 You find the link here: The community will honor your update! This call is supported by BAT (Burst Apps Team) and funded by BMF(Burst Marketing Fund) We are looking forward to seeing you as an active burst supporter for the current development team! Greetings BAT - BMF Team
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Timestamp 2019-08-14 02:09:38
Signature 034829b8bbb82a51bf96de22de1e5e592bf5f5b48b620e92303009ae191673044da520918e97fdbf092db247ca6ee17de7f56dc7b2c14d6e446efc7c1b653e02
Signature Hash 26e6eb5f4f195d4a8a419630f6a1759f62fa6b6f74a7be9b695cc40a793f9c7b
Full Hash d2a0a3db9313aeb454d60a807aeb0541efc028b5e9751b6dd2cf4ed46ed4b27d