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swap_horiz Transaction #1430417032321102606
Recipient BURST-7XL4-ZM2K-6R7J-2EPTC
Amount 0 Burst
BTC: 0.00000000
USD: 0.00000000
EUR: 0.00000000
Fee 0.02940000 Burst
BTC: 0.00000001
USD: 0.00041613
EUR: 0.00034721
Block 13678772038891437846 / 830502
Type Arbitrary message
Message This is a community call to all node operators with outdated BRS software. Please strengthen the current BURST network and update to the newest version You find the link here: The community will honor your update! This call is supported by BAT (Burst Apps Team) and funded by BMF(Burst Marketing Fund) We are looking forward to seeing you as an active burst supporter for the current development team! Greetings BAT - BMF Team
MessageIsText 1
Version.Message 1
Confirmations 42830
Timestamp 2020-12-20 13:04:15
Signature f0252905ff3f2812f3e5dbadc30bbaf82a34bd208135130e63e5199d36ae2404d94110d0403571520777b4fb5405bf2e2b59255d178cdb49db437ce8d7801701
Signature Hash 1a187a15d8e85e12663a5ecc7ee40002777967027948cbc9f4e710ea09f4fa46
Full Hash 0ef32a54b6dcd91308b50eb06815e904ee18b607091808bfdf17547e1fec918b