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swap_horiz Transaction #56222816028002834
Recipient BURST-7XL4-ZM2K-6R7J-2EPTC
Amount 0 Burst
BTC: 0.00000000
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Fee 0.02205000 Burst
BTC: 0.00000001
USD: 0.00028601
EUR: 0.00023864
Block 15586122475836454957 / 817119
Type Arbitrary message
Message This is a community call to all node operators with outdated BRS software. Please strengthen the current BURST network and update to the newest version You find the link here: The community will honor your update! This call is supported by BAT (Burst Apps Team) and funded by BMF(Burst Marketing Fund) We are looking forward to seeing you as an active burst supporter for the current development team! Greetings BAT - BMF Team
MessageIsText 1
Version.Message 1
Confirmations 56207
Timestamp 2020-11-13 08:22:02
Signature 11ac4ca4a346c6c7a0a718178df2a21670342d3e688bd4e27615fcacb807830f530e845d22f61d18e832df27bf3cacf9b2db10f0764b1194af711ac4ebc85d94
Signature Hash 4a762dfbcde3dba80e58afbb52411b19c1f8faf08fb57f07c69b46b42e81a742
Full Hash 120a9f715abec700c13e9a93759e1371d6ca181f3a1bc2652812454ea2586c7e